How it all began

ProTeach Publications began operating out of a garage in 1987 with the publication and marketing of just one poster.  Since that time, our product line has grown to include a variety of published titles and Dr. Frank Trujillo’s writings can now be found in schools and community settings throughout the country and even elsewhere in the world.  His posters and cards have encouraged thousands of teachers and students as can be evidenced from stacks of letters indicating to Trujillo the impact his inspirational writings have had on their lives.  A former teacher, school administrator, and university professor, Frank has increasingly been invited to speak on issues related to teacher and student empowerment, anti-hatred and anti-violence, parental and community involvement in education, and school improvement. 

Frank's growing concern

In the past few years, given Frank’s growing concern regarding societal deterioration (gangs, guns, escalating hatred and violence, child neglect and abuse, school shootings, etc.), increasingly his attention has focused on writings concerning such subjects.  Simultaneously, in order to properly advocate for children, Trujillo has recognized the need to somehow capture the attention of a more widely diverse audience.  Such is the case with his latest exciting endeavor, a full-length compact disc (CD) album entitled “What Happened to Love?”   Produced under the auspices of Aim for Eleven, a subsidiary of ProTeach Publications, this multi-artist, combination music and spoken-word album delivers exactly the kind of poignant, hard-hitting message people in this country so need to heed.

            ProTeach Publications is Frank Trujillo.   His poetry, his speaking, his essays, his songwriting, his spoken-word readings…and…coming soon…his books.

The Mission of ProTeach Publications

Our mission is to help build teacher and student self-esteem; to advocate for children and youth; to accentuate and foster the importance of family values; to wage war always against the forces of hatred and violence, and to continue to battle to make education a genuine national priority. 

Is the Mission being effective?

Very early in his “adventure” with ProTeach, Trujillo began to realize just how much of an impact his writings were having.   “No one could have been more surprised than I,” he said, “upon learning one day that a school leader of a district somewhere in the Midwest had just placed a huge order with my company for something like 1200 copies of one poster and 800 of another.  Later,” he continued, “that same superintendent credited my piece—the one entitled “If Education Was Truly a Priority,” with having helped float a much needed school bond issue in his community.  ‘This is incredible,’ I thought to myself at the time, ‘we are going to have an impact…we are going to help shape the manner in which people think!  By golly, we are going to make a difference!”



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