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       A versatile and dynamic education professional, Dr. Frank Trujillo is a consultant to school districts, universities, and educational organizations throughout the country.  Over the past two decades, he has served the education profession in a variety of capacities, including teacher, administrator, and university professor.  A New Mexico native now residing in Sacramento, California, Frank holds a doctorate in educational administration and supervision and has served on the faculty of The University of Texas at El Paso and California State University, California.


            The son of a teacher and husband of a teacher, Frank Trujillo is the author of numerous thought-provoking writings, including “Who Builds The Builders?,” “A Letter To My Students,” “Convictions Of A Caring Teacher,” “The Department Of Education/Defense,” “The Power To Teach,” “A Teacher Is,” and “Giver Of A Lifelong Gift.”  Several of his inspirational writings, in the form of posters and prints, are available through ProTeach.  A new inspirational CD album produced by Dr. Trujillo entitled “What Happened to Love?” is available through Aim for Eleven.


            Dr. Trujillo speaks and writes on a variety of issues related to self-esteem, teacher and student empowerment, “at risk” student populations, and education reform.  Obviously at home with teachers, parents, administrators, and students, Trujillo’s presentations combine humor, motivation, dramatic readings from his own work, and originality.  More than anything, he invigorates.



A Trujillo “Sampler”



“We should begin teaching cultural relativity in Kindergarten and make it a required course of study through graduate school.”


Excerpted from:  The Earth Belongs To The Living:  Restructuring Schooling for life in the Twenty-First Century,  ©  1989,  F. X. Trujillo



“Do not blame guns, we are the ones.  We’re the ones who aim.    And do not blame the schools.  Teachers are always absorbing the blame.  Schools are the battered targets of a society’s low aim.  And do not seek to blame the politicians, though, for partisan weakness, they are most certainly to blame.  Do not blame the Internet, Hollywood movies, television—even those mindless video games. … 

…I say be ashamed to blame the children.  Do not blame this new generation.  Nor should the young condemn the old. But, if you must look for blame, then look ever so carefully, carefully all through and deep down inside of you.  Look everything over, all through and through.  Take a look at yourself, honestly, inside.  You will find the truth.  And there will surely be some pain.  Because what you find is that, for a long, long time, we have been, all of us—all of us—blinded to where we aim.  We are all of us, in some way, to blame.”


Excerpted from Blinded to Where We Aim (from the album, “What  Happened to Love?,”) © 1999, Frank Trujillo



“The classroom should be at the very hub of education reform.  Proactive involvement of student and teacher is essential.  Teachers and students must discuss ways in which their classroom can be reformed.  Teachers who wait for education reform will find that it will never arrive.  We cannot just wait—we must act.  We must become informed, enlightened risk-takers.”


Excerpted from:  Convictions Of A Caring Teacher,  ©  1989,  F. X. Trujillo



“…national laboratories of education (should) be created in the United States—similar to the scientific laboratories of Los Alamos and Sandia in New Mexico and Lawrence Livermore in California—and equivalent material, financial, and human effort would be dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence.”


Excerpted from:  If Education Was Truly A Priority…  ©  1987,  F. X. Trujillo



What people are saying…


“The response to Dr. Trujillo from community members was phenomenal.  A police officer who attended the rally said, ‘He made me want to turn in my badge and become a teacher.’  Other comments from participants:  ‘He said just what we needed to hear.’  ‘His comments on family support were right on target.’  ‘He should have been talking to a whole football stadium full of people.’”


Program Director, Oklahoma



“(Trujillo) emphasized the awesome power to teach that educators possess as well as the need to continually evaluate and ‘throw out the trash’ that is no longer working.  Many participants commented that he really made them think about what they were doing in their classrooms and he modeled good motivational techniques that they were going to implement in their classrooms this year.  Dr. Trujillo has a dynamic style, utilizing powerful dramatic readings, multi-media presentations, and a variety of effective group activities.”


                                                            School Superintendent, Indiana



“Due to extensive experience as a teacher, administrator, university professor, and education consultant, Dr. Trujillo has a broad knowledge base.  He demonstrated an awareness of the diverse problems in education and offered realistic solutions for many of these problems.  He worked very diligently to custom-design his presentations to meet the specific needs and expectations of our school and community.”


                                                            Conference Chairperson, California



“I would highly recommend Dr. Frank Trujillo to any organization that is seeking a gifted speaker who will inspire, challenge, and re-focus attention on the need for education as a national priority.”


                                                            School Superintendent, Colorado



“Your posters have decorated our classrooms and motivated both teachers and learners for years.  We were thrilled to meet the creator of these fine educational products.  Finally, we were delighted to have you as our keynote speaker to conclude our conference on a high note.  Thank you for your advice and wisdom which have enhanced our professionalism and given us a renewed sense of pride in our careers.”


Teacher Leader, South Carolina



            “Our members were thrilled with their copies of ‘A Teacher Is…’  I heard several say they were going to frame it.  I can’t tell you how many complements I received for your beautiful reading of it.”


                                                                        President, NEA Local Affiliate, Indiana 



            “I have just returned from the BTSA conference in Redding where I had the pleasure of hearing you speak.  I left the conference feeling more motivated and more inspired than I have felt in a long time.  I look forward to school Monday morning when I can share some of your talk with my students.”


Teacher, Chico, California



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