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            "Only a lover of teachers and children could have written such wonderful things..."

                                                                            Principal, Northern California


            “…I teach sixth grade and I wanted those posters—fell in love with them from the first time I saw them.  I have donated them to my school where I and parents and other teachers can see them and admire and appreciate them.  They will be framed and hung in the foyer of the school…”


Teacher, Bountiful, Utah



            “I really appreciate…the three lovely and motivating posters “Who Builds the Builders?,” “A Letter to My Students,” and “The Power to Teach.”  I am looking forward to getting them framed and hung in my office…I am constantly looking for ways to honor teachers who retire or participate in Association business.  Your posters (are) a wonderful way to acknowledge service and dedication…”


NEA Association Director



            “I received your outstanding package of materials today around noon, and as I sit here writing to you at 4:15, they have already been shown to our superintendent, assistant superintendent, and are hanging in our teacher work room…Everyone is in agreement that they are both touching and uplifting.”


Principal, Valley Center, California



            “…It’s heartening to know that people with your vision are working to inspire new, young teachers—and helping some of us ‘old pros’ recapture that vision, too.  Thanks.”


Teacher, Oakland, California



            “…I applaud your efforts at bringing inspiration and recognition to the field of education.  I look forward to displaying (the) beautiful posters.”


School psychologist, Michigan



            “…A friend gave me one of your posters and I have it displayed on my classroom door…it really gets me to thinking about the importance of what I am doing.”


Teacher, Alaska



            “…they’re truly perfect for purposes of teacher recognition and appreciation…”


Principal, Florida


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